Merce Select

Why us?

  • We are small

    If your requirement involves getting a software team of 100 engineers in place within a week of issuing a work order, we are not the right team for you. (We can do it in 4-5 months, however, in case you care to wait...)

    We bring advantages to the table which no 100,000-strong software company can. It is important to recognize that a bigger company does not just bring "more of the good things" with its size; It loses as much as it gains. We bring a culture of focus, a culture of nimbleness to the table which is unmatched by larger companies.

  • Enthusiastic techies

    One of the key reasons why we often succeed in David-vs-Goliath battles is because of our best techies. We deploy them in a project to solve problems which others can't. Such deployment is often not billable.

    We have a culture of thinking problems through. We abhor the "go forth and reboot" mindset to problem-solving which appears to be predominate in the world of systems today. Other teams too work with the same technology stacks we do -- we work with some of the most popular stacks in the software community. Our difference is that we drill down when we encounter problems, and often craft our own solutions to the problems we encounter. This adds to our expertise after every incident. Non-techie companies are satisfied purely to get their software to work. We are only satisfied if we get some new insight.

    We have often encountered situations with some of our largest customers where we have fixed systems problems in their software which the customer's other software vendors have not managed to diagnose. This is partly because our good guys are better, and partly because we have a culture of bringing forward our best problem solvers to tide the customer over a crisis. This culture could in turn be due to our size.

  • We nurture our team

    The common attitude among managements of Indian software companies is to treat their engineers as replaceable serial numbers. Young engineers change jobs often, encouraging this attitude. These companies have an HR department which is primarily a recruitment department, continuously recruiting hundreds or thousands of young engineers every month.

    We have employee churn too, but it is better than most companies (2+ years for young engineers). More importantly, we value our team members. We recruit carefully, encourage them to learn through assisted learning programmes, and pay careful attention to their work through reviews and performance evaluations. We rotate engineers through different projects to give them a chance to learn more. Once again, small wins here.

  • We never let go

    We have often had to tackle problems in projects due to scope creep, delays at our end or the customer end, infrastructure problems, people problems with the customer's staff during deployment, or various other factors.

    We have strong processes and take every measure to prevent projects getting into a mess. But we are also old enough to know that projects get into a mess sometimes, irrespective of any precautions we take. What distinguishes us is what we do when we see a problem brewing in a project. We do not let go. We hunker down, divert resources from elsewhere if needed, and put in extra effort (often non-billable) to ensure that the customer never has to scrap a deployment or lose a project.

    We are proud of this culture, and this in part defines who we are.