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Case Studies
  • Projects

    We have executed a wide variety of projects for a wide variety of customers. Some of our customers are among the top five in size in their categories in the world. Others are small companies which fall under the SSI (Small-Scale Industry) classification of the Indian industry. PRISM, a bespoke ERP and an assembly line optimisation system are three projects which may give an example the variety of work we have done.

    PRISM is an abbreviation for "Parallel Risk Machine". In PRISM, we built a cluster of Linux computers which act as compute nodes in an HPC cluster. The goal was to deliver VaR (Value-at-Risk) computations for one of the world's busiest stock exchanges if trades closed at a rate of 1,000 trades/sec. This system is highly scalable because the load is highly parallelisable and compute nodes can be added at will. It is fault tolerant in the presence of compute node failure, and takes less than 50 msec to recover from a downed compute node. Read more

    A bespoke ERP For this project, our customer was a large electrical components distributor with operations in half a dozen states of India, and about a dozen godowns from where goods were shipped. The firm had a collection of Foxpro and Clipper applications and could manage transactions tightly. They needed to build a scalable system with a browser-based interface to allow all godowns to update transaction and stock positions in real time centrally. We set up a team to work with their team to build a new system from scratch. Read more

    Assembly line optimisation This project was quite unique for us -- our software interfaced with electronics hardware to offer a total solution which had to operate reliably on the shop floor. Our system helped line supervisors and production managers to optimise work on the assembly lines in real time. In this industry, manufacturing productivity is measured in UWD (Units per Worker Day). A figure of 12 UWD is very high for Indian factories and 17-18 is excellent in the international context. Our assembly line optimisation system, together with our customer's efforts in fine-tuning processes around it, delivered an improvement of 1-1.5 UWD in productivity. Read more

  • We have done many other projects and assignments, many of which are listed in the sidebar. They vary in size and customer profile.

  • Outsourced teams

    We have built and operated teams for customers who require the flexibility and control of the outsourced team model. Our oldest team has been in operation with the same client since 2005.

    We have our largest outsourced team with Avaya India. Our team works for their business unit which engages with Bharti Airtel in a strategic outsourcing contract. This business unit is based out of Gurgaon. We have a team of about 22 in Gurgaon handling various software roles, and another team of 6-7 based out of Avaya Pune. The engagement with Avaya is in the staff augmentation model, where their managers manage task allocation and delivery.

    Our team with NSDL is based out of their HO in Mumbai and works on various applications developed and maintained in that organisation. Our engagement with NSDL started with consultancy assignments in 1997 and we have executed various projects with them since. This team is on a T&M contract.

    Our smallest T&M engagement is with a card manufacturing unit which uses an integrated software application for managing their manufacturing process. We have one engineer on this assignment, and it works in a T&M model where our managers are responsible for task delivery.

  • Models of Engagement

    We engage with customers in various models, for different types of requirements. A quick overview of those models will help understand the case studies better.