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Why work with us?

  • Let us count the ways...

    We're different Every company wants to claim that they're different. We claim it too. But claims aside, it is important for you to understand what you are getting into when you join a team like Merce Select. We do not believe this team is for everyone.

    Small team You will never be a faceless number in our team. We are small, and every person matters. This appears to be an obviously good thing, right? Well, not exactly. A small company gives each officer more visibility in the eyes of senior management. This makes it harder for slightly slower or less competent people to pull along. It's harder to hide in the crowd, because the crowd is pretty thin.

    High energy Our culture is a high energy, fast moving and lean one. We dislike bureaucracy and are impatient to get to the final deliverables. This makes is suitable for certain kinds of customers and makes certain kinds of officers suitable for us. Some senior engineers and managers in the industry have a lot of experience with large teams and slow-moving customers and may find our culture sharply different.

    Techie There is a techie culture in our team which spooks a lot of average developers. The average Java developer in our services industry does not know about computers outside the Eclipse IDE screen, for instance. Most have never seen an svn merge being done. Most have never used vi to edit code. And very, very few can think regular expressions. Our culture is strongly steeped in the Unix universe, and our founding members are techies at a personal level. This energises the best programmers to do wonderful things, but may intimidate those who are less inclined towards the techie mindset.

    Accountable A side effect of having a small, high energy team is a higher degree of accountability. Each developer counts. Each day counts. Our development processes and team management processes make your productivity and contribution visible at a high level of detail. The peer review process for code makes an entire project team study all members' code. Good performance, exemplary work, becomes visible very fast. Mediocre performance, callous attitudes, ditto.

  • What this means for you

    Are we trying to scare you off?

    Not at all. We just want you to join us for the right reasons. Our culture usually elicits strong responses from people who have worked with us, good or bad. You can love us or hate us, but Merce Select will never be yet another job. There are plenty of large and impersonal software companies who can give you that sort of life. We are different -- we have attitude. :-)

    What you will get If you work with us for a couple of years, you may gain in rare and valuable ways:

    • Confidence. The wide exposure that Merce Select gives you is completely different from sit-in-a-corner-and-write-code culture prevalent in large software services companies. After two years experience, a bright young engineer in Merce Select may be conducting meetings with customers or handling specialised assignments single-handed. This environment changes you and your career for life.
    • Brand. Our alumni are well known in the industry, spcially in the Bombay-Pune belt. You will get picked up by reputed large companies at high salaries. For instance, in one particular month six of our engineers were picked up by a large Pune-based software company for a US project.
    • Friends. People seem to make lasting friendships in our company. They continue to retain contact, attend each others' weddings, share apartments, go on holidays together, even after they resign from Merce. We love this atmosphere.
    • Technical foundation. You will be Techie King in any large company you join, based on what you see and learn with us. Rarely will you see any other company building your technical foundations the way our Assisted Learning Programmes do. We remember one not-very-brilliant engineer who left our company after about three years to join one of India's Top Three software companies. He was treated as a super-valuable expert there, because he could do the work of three engineers in the team he joined. He could maintain Perl, shellscript and PHP code for the customer, which till then had required three separate engineers.
    • Our backing. We back our alumni. We help our alumni find jobs, find apartments, or find their way in their careers even years after they leave our employ. This is not done as social service; this is simply who we are. We have often distributed resumes of our ex-employees among our network of friends who are at the VP or Director level in some of the largest software and consulting firms.

    Merce Select is not a comfortable, cosy, relaxed "fun" place to work in. It's a great place to work in. It's hectic, often stressful, sometimes confusing, but always worthwhile. And as we said above, it is not for everyone.

    Till you have worked in a company like ours, you do not know what you're missing. You deserve better than being part of the hordes which form the mainstream Indian Software Industry.


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